Campus Connection

Utica-Rome and the Mohawk Valley are home to an estimated 18,000 full-time and part-time college students. Approximately half of these students attend one of the two community Colleges (Mohawk Valley Community College and Herkimer County Community College). Providing a semester-based bicycle rental program provides an affordable, reliable means of transportation while they are attending college.

The Campus Connection program allows students to select a bicycle from our fleet of refurbished bikes. Students provide a $150 security deposit and a $50 fee to use the bicycle for a semester. At the end of the semester, you have the option to renew the lease for the upcoming semester, return the bicycle and recoup the security deposit, or keep the bike (we'll use the deposit to add to our fleet of bikes).

All students leasing bicycles under this program are also granted 5 hours of open shop time where they can perform maintenance on their bicycle and/or learn about bicycle repair from one of Utica Bike Rescue's trained mechanics. Students who renew a spring semester lease for the upcoming fall semester will be allowed to keep the bicycle through the summer at no additional cost. This program will run on 2-semester per year schedule and all fees collected are used to maintain, improve and expand the fleet of bicycles.

This program is intended to provide a reliable, affordable means of personal transportation for students attending college in Utica-Rome and the Mohawk Valley. Providing an alternative way for students to commute to campus or to travel within the campus will potentially reduce the number of automobile trips to/from and within campus. This will alleviate a portion of the need to provide for automobile parking while promoting a healthy lifestyle and economic benefit to the student population.

We're getting bikes ready for the spring. Contact us to reserve yours!

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