About Utica Bike Rescue

Partners and Sponsors
Utica Bike Rescue is committed to developing a program that provides a viable, affordable and sustainable means of transportation and improves upon the ability of partnering organizations to deliver the services that their clients need.

Evaluation and Impact
The Executive Director is responsible for developing program budgets, subject to approval by the Board of Directors, and programs are formally evaluated on a semi-annual basis. Success is measured the number of bicycles distributed, the number of agencies and organizations participating and the number of students, clients and families who receive refurbished bikes. Utica Bike Rescue programs are flexible enough to be modified as the needs of clients, partner organizations and agencies dictate.

Providing bicycles to low-income individuals and families can greatly improve their ability to access jobs, healthcare, schools and various services within the community. Teaching the necessary skills to repair and maintain the bicycle not only allows the owner to keep the bike running, it also helps them to develop marketable skills that can help to secure a wider range of employment opportunity.

UBR is grateful for the support we receive from these generous organizations and businesses.