Bicycle Mechanic Class

Bicyclists interested in learning new skills, or honing their abilities, can attend classes taught by Utica Bike Rescue's trained and experienced bicycle mechanics. Utica Bike Rescue offers instruction and provides participants with bikes to practice on, there's no need to bring their own.

This is a hands-on program for participants and there are many possible outcomes/benefits. The simplest of these is the scenario in which the participant attends a few of the sessions, based on his or her own skill level and interest. This participant will learn a few specific bicycle-related repair techniques. There will also be those participants who attend each of 11 class modules and therefore become proficient in comprehensive bicycle maintenance. The goal of this program is first to educate and empower participants by teaching them new mechanical skills. But Utica Bike Rescue is also dependent on volunteers and additional staff to expand its programming to reach a wider audience. Graduates of the Bicycle Mechanics Workshop are encouraged to return to Utica Bike Rescue to assist in program delivery.

The Bicycle Mechanics Workshop:

  • Teaches students basic bicycle maintenance and repair, and the increased self-sufficiency that comes with having these skills.
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle by providing an alternative to sedentary activity.
  • Provides a safe, supportive, respective environment for all participants.
  • Expands the capacity of Utica Bike Rescue by training some participants to become part of the core group of volunteers and staff.

What repair and maintenance topics do you want to learn about? Contact us and let us know!


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