Bikes for Goodwill Organizations

Through the Bikes for Goodwill Organizations program, we provide refurbished bikes to clients and families identified by our partner organizations. This program provides an affordable, safe, sustainable means of transportation. The following guidelines are intended to ensure the overall success of this program and that it meets the intended goal of providing transportation for those in need:

  • Clients in need of a bike are identified using criteria established between Utica Bike Rescue and partnering organizations.
  • Utica Bike Rescue provides refurbished bikes to anyone that comes in with a signed letter on letterhead from a partnering agency or organization. Recipients have been prequalified by the referring agency.
  • To ensure proper sizing, the recipient of the bike must be present for a proper bike fitting. We also want them to pick a bike that looks good to them, and the only one that can do that is them, so they need to be there.
  • Recipients only get one bike per lifetime through this program. It is not the responsibility of Utica Bike Rescue to replace stolen bikes, including but not limited to bikes that were parked outside overnight, left unlocked, or locked with cables, chains, locks that use cylindrical keys, or other common situations that lead to theft.
  • All bikes leaving Utica Bike Rescue through this program must be equipped with a proper lock. Without the proper lock it is very likely the bike will be stolen, and per the condition above, Utica Bike Rescue will not provide a replacement. In an effort to make this more affordable Utica Bike Rescue offers a lock to anyone getting a bike through this program, for a nominal fee.
  • Facilities that want bikes for their residents must provide a space for bikes to be stored
    safely indoors.
  • Free helmets are also provided based on availability.

The Bikes for Goodwill Organizations program provides low-income individuals and families with increased mobility and access to transportation. This provides far-reaching benefit to recipients by providing the means to travel independently and inexpensively to employment, medical appointments, meetings with case workers, school and other necessary travel. This program builds upon the collaborative efforts of our partner agencies and organizations, provides a new way to meet clients' mobility needs and prevents unnecessary disposal through the reuse and redistribution of donated and discarded bikes.

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