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We do our best to make it easy to support Utica Bike Rescue.

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Your financial contribution helps us to keep doing what we love to do... Remove bikes from the waste stream and get them back out into the community. more


We need good, hard-working, community-minded people who can rebuild and repair bikes. We also need people to help with the million other things that keep Utica Bike Rescue running. If you would like to volunteer, chances are we can use your skills! more


There are many ways that investors can benefit from a partnership with UBR. We're eager to hear about the next big idea and we'd love to share some of ours with you. more

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We'll soon be offering merchandise for sale with the proceeds going directly back into our community programs. We're looking for great ideas for bike-related merchandise. more

UBR is grateful for the support we receive from these generous organizations and businesses.